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Sunday Morning 2018-04-08

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Coses que hem llegit aquests dies.

Why is Not Another

It is not an alternative silo: instead, it’s what you build when you believe that the web itself is the great social network.

Sleeping Twice A Day is Better, Healthier, and More Natural

A new study details how throughout history sleeping in two big chunks every day actually used to be the normal thing to do […] So what changed? We moved to a society that values mass productivity and efficiency over leisurely personal health.

Mastermind behind EUR 1 billion cyber bank robbery arrested in Spain

Modus operandi: phishing emails to employees → remote control of infected computers → access to internal banking network and ATM servers.

States that are passing laws to govern “smart contracts” have no idea what they’re doing

A smart contract is simply an “if-then” statement. An actual legal contract is much more complex. The bills seem to be little more than pro-crypto posturing meant to attract investment and entrepreneurs.

Battiato: Il re del mondo

Nel 1979, Franco Battiato arriva per la prima volta con L’era del cinghiale bianco a quella sintesi tra musica pop, fruibile, e musica colta, temi profondi e ironia, che sono la sua cifra stilistica. “Il Re del mondo” è la canzone paradigmatica dell’album ed è una delle prime che tratta il tema delle illusioni nella vita dell’uomo, rifacendosi ad antichi miti esoterici.

‘Thousands of Companies Are Spying On You’

Transparency and regulation are the only answer to surveillance capitalism.

La no-llegenda de l’Espanya Negra

La paradoxa, és que contràriament al relat que s’intenta imposar a l’opinió pública espanyola, hi ha escassos nacionalistes entre els catalans.

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